Video: Valley Medical Center construction site accident in San Jose adds fuel to feud on hospital expansion project

SAN JOSE (KRON) — A construction site accident caught on camera is adding fuel to the feud between Santa Clara County and the contractor on a hospital expansion project.

The county said video of the accident bolsters its stance that the contractor is in danger of being fired. The construction site of the $300 million dollars expansion of Valley Medical Center in San Jose was approved by taxpayers about five years ago.

The county is accusing the contractor, Turner Construction, of not only being two years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget, but of compromising worker safety.

On Tuesday, the county produced video of a job site accident from September of 2014, which it said shows how a construction worker escaped serious injury, possibly even death, as a result of an explosion in the underground vault where he was testing high-pressure steam pipes.

The worker was shaken up but not hurt. The county has given Turner Construction a week to come up with a plan to address safety and put the project back on track or risk termination.

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