Video: I-80 Smart Corridor Project aims to help drivers better navigate highway

ALAMEDA COUNTY (KRON) —  A new plan is on the way to help you better navigate the highway, specifically the westbound Interstate 80 corridor.

The hope for the project is the signs will not only help drivers, but reduce major traffic accidents.

It is being called the I-80 Smart Corridor Project. Digital signs have been installed to help driver make smarter decisions.

“They will give you tips, like don’t go here, or beware of an accident,” project spokeswoman Ivy Morrison said.

Caltrans and the project officials teamed up to give KRON4 a look at what the signs might show when they go online. This collection is on the University Avenue overpass.

Morrison said the signs have a good reputation to really make a difference for drivers, especially dealing with tough commutes like on I-80.

While the smaller signs are directional and offer advice, like reduce speed to better handle a slow down ahead, the bigger signs can tell drivers about an accident.

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