Lack of affordable housing causes up rise in Bay Area communities


BAY AREA (KRON) —  For decades now the suburbs have been under building housing they’ve tried to maintain a single family character and in doing so they have drastically increased the price of current housing and have just made it unaffordable  to all but the wealthy to move in.

Now Hanlon’s group plans to sue various Bay Area cities to get them to build more housing first stop, the city of Lafayette.

This parcel off deer hill road  originally called for  than 300 moderate income units public outcry caused the developer to reconfigure the project to 44 single family homes and a park.

Lafayette city manager Steven Falk agrees there is an affordable housing shortage in his city and across the Bay Area, but says the location is just as important as the units themselves.


There is five story, 69 unit project now under construction, just steps from the Lafayette BART station and where 15 percent of the units will be affordable.

Falk said, “We think dense housing, affordable housing should be downtown, within walking distance of the BART station, not on a grassy hillside where the people can’t get the transit station.”



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