Milennial generation is taking over

BAY AREA (KRON) —  Milennials are becoming the largest living generation in the U.S.  They are already more milennials than generation x and they make up the largest percent of the workforce.

Despite the size and influence of the Millennial generation, however, most of those in this age cohort do not identify with the term “Millennial.”

Just 40% of adults ages 18 to 34 consider themselves part of the “Millennial generation,” while another 33% – mostly older Millennials – consider themselves part of the next older cohort, Generation X.

The national survey by the Pew Research Center was conducted March 10, April 6, with 3,147 adults who are part of the American Trends Panel a nationally representative sample of randomly selected U.S. adults surveyed online and by mail.

Respondents were given five commonly used terms for generations, including the “Greatest Generation,” and asked whether they considered themselves part of these generations.

And while Millennials are more accepting of homosexuality, interracial marriage and hold more positive views of immigrants, about the same share of Millennials (33%) as those in older age cohorts consider the people in their generation tolerant.

For more information on the milennial study visit website


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