Concert Review: The Desired Effect With Brandon Flowers

Photo by Torey Mundkowsky

It was with a simple “Hello I’m Brandon Flowers” and the crowd at the Fox Theater broke into a collective set of cheers. And, how could they not. Brandon Flowers has a stellar stage presence – whether he is with his bandmates of The Killers, or performing as a solo artist.

Brandon Flowers is currently on tour promoting his latest release as a solo artist titled “The Desired Effect.” The album has been reviewed favorably by music critics and peaking at number 17 on the US Billboard charts.

His sound is that of glorious 80’s pop rock, and while performing he did not miss an opportunity to address the audience and tell stories about how certain songs came to be.

It has been only a few months since Flowers has visited the Bay Area. In April, he performed at Popscene’s 20th Anniversary party (Popscene is a notorious indie club in San Francisco known for bringing the best of indie artists before they break into mainstream.)

Flowers is a genuine singer-songwriter, his charisma flourishes on stage. While it has taken him time to get used the glitz and glam of touring, the show at the Fox Theater was remarkable. Perhaps it is the fact that Flowers has kicked the habit of smoking and drinking, or how happily married he is. However, there was a something special in the air, and each song came through powerfully.

At one point during the show, right before performing the song Diggin’ Up The Heart. Brandon mentioned how he understood the new digital era of music, and how most people do not buy full albums anymore. In his words: “we put effort in this record from start to finish.”

Part of the setlist of the night included classics from The Killers’ discography: Human, Mr. Brightside, Read My Mind, and a revamped version of Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine.

Brandon Flowers’ tour continues in Canada this weekend, and back to the states shortly after. The Desired Effect is out now on Amazon and iTunes.



  1. Come Out With Me
  2. Dreams Come True
  3. Can’t Deny My Love
  4. Crossfire
  5. Magdalena
  6. Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts
  7. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
  8. Lonely Town
  9. Diggin’ Up The Heart
  10. Read My Mind
  11. Untangled Love
  12. The Way It’s Always Been
  13. Human
  14. Brightside


  1. Between Me And You
  2. Still Want You
  3. Only The Young





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