San Jose woman found guilty for refusing to leave towed vehicle, resisting police


MONTEREY CO. (BCN) — A Monterey County Superior Court jury found a San Jose woman guilty of misdemeanor charges related to refusing to comply with police Friday, according to Monterey County Deputy District Attorney Montana Musso.

Dulce Guerra, 28, appeared in court before Monterey County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Hulsey for an incident that occurred Nov. 29 last year on Imjin Parkway in Marina where Guerra resisted, obstructed, and delayed a police officer.

During the incident, California Highway Patrol officers arrested a driver operating Guerra’s vehicle for DUI. Police told Guerra, who was riding in the back seat of the vehicle with another passenger, that her car would be towed and that she needed to find another way home.

According to the district attorney’s office, Guerra refused to take the taxi ride home and became verbally aggressive toward the officers.

When the tow truck arrived, Guerra sat on the hood of her vehicle and refused to leave, according to the district attorney’s office.

An officer tried to lead Guerra out of the way of the tow truck driver, to which she physically resisted by pulling her arm away, leaning her body backward and using her other arm to grab onto the vehicle, the district attorney said. According to Musso, police then arrested Guerra and transported her to Monterey County Jail.

Guerra is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Hulsey on Sept. 16.

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