My KRON 4: Fremont student moved around to different schools due to “overloading”


FREMONT (KRON) — Too many students, too few classrooms.

A KRON4 viewer contacted us after her daughter got switched around to different schools several times at the start of the school year, a frustrating and unsettling experience for her and her family.

To find out why, they turned to KRON4’s Justine Waldman.

It’s been a rough start to the school year for the Anguelouch family.

Amanda said just as her daughter Lilia started first grade, she got moved around to different schools multiple times. The district blamed “overloading,” meaning students are sent to schools outside of their neighborhood because there is no room at the closest school.

“Had I known it was like this, I wouldn’t have moved here,” Amanda Anguelouch said.

The 6-year-old sums up her switch-a-roo experience in one word.

“Crazy,” Lila said.

Lilia went from Cabrillo Elementary School to Durham, then Warwick. It was a wild ride with no end in sight. And Amanda said she only had two days notice to make all the changes. It was not enough time for this working mom.

“Be transparent,” Amanda said. “Let people know in June, not in August. You might not be attending your home school.”

Fremont School District superintendent Jim Morris said only 35 families got overloaded this school year, compared to 800 last year.

“We are talking about families and children and a lot of disruption,” Morris said. “Our goal is to do better next year. We are going to move up the timeline next year, and instead of doing it the week school starts, do it two weeks before school starts.”

Amanda said she was just tired of all the moving around.

“This is a well-to-do city,” she said. “This should not be the state of affairs.”

The Anguelouch family said it hopes second grade will get off to a better start.

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