Video: California drought creating insect problem


ALAMEDA (KRON) — Across California, the ongoing drought has left lawns and backyards brown and dry.

And it’s also forcing insects, including ants, to search for water inside homes and buildings. It’s becoming a big problem.

So far in 2015, Californians have reduced their water use by about 31 percent. A lot of those saving are the result of people cutting back on outdoor irrigation.

But unfortunately, during the summer, ants rely on that water to survive. And now that it’s gone, the insects are searching for a new supply and they’re finding their way inside homes.

“We’ve all stopped watering our yards, and they are going to find water somewhere and that’s with us,” Alameda exterminator Rich Crawford said.

Crawford travels all across the Bay Area, helping people deal with their pest problems.

“We are finding large trails of ants,” Crawford said. “We’ve even had some go into freezers, and they just die. We’ve seen trails, two-inch trails all through the whole house.”

The surge in ant activity also has people headed to the hardware store to find a solution.

Crawford said that it’s difficult to permanently get rid of the ants, and that for most people, this will be an ongoing battle until the drought is over.

“You’ve got to understand that these ants are on the move looking for food,” Crawford said. “You might get them out of one room, but they will show up in another — full strength.”

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