Video: Fremont residents struggle to beat the heat


FREMONT (KRON) — The Bay Area is baking, as a dangerous heat wave hits, breaking records and even forcing some local schools to let students go home early Wednesday.

In fact, another Spare the Air Alert has been issued for Wednesday.

In Fremont, residents struggled to beat the heat Tuesday.

You can see golden brown hills from the drought loom over historic Niles. And in the shopping district, no one wanted to sit outside.

While air conditioners hummed and fans brought relief, some of the popular antique stores closed early because of the heat.

While kids tried to stay hydrated, even the flowers looked thirsty in the heat. At Stela’s Hair Salon, under hot driers and hairspray, the ladies worked hard to stay cool.

But on a hot one like Tuesday, nothing beats a scoop of cold ice cream.

“One-hundred for three-four days in a row, I am ready for some fall weather for sure,” one resident said.

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