VIDEO: Scars from San Bruno pipeline blast, fire remain five years later

SAN BRUNO (KRON) — The scars from the San Bruno fire are still evident five years later.

In a flash, an underground PG&E gas pipeline exploded, spewing balls of fire through the Crestmoor neighborhood. And the memories are still vivid for the people who still live there.

KRON4’s Dan Kerman talked to people who said they have not forgotten but have found ways to move on. Sue Bullis was not at home when the pipeline explosion occurred, but her son, husband, and mother-in-law were. And they all died in the blast and subsequent fire along with her dog, Lucky.

Bullis said her faith, her church, and her friends have gotten her through the last five years. Also, she has started a scholarship fund in the name of her son, William.

So far, they have given out six scholarships, and just last year, Bullis raised $25,000 in her son’s name. She hopes to generate even more at this year’s auction and fundraiser.

Bullis chose not to rebuild at the corner of Claremont and Glenview but instead sold the parcel to the city for a park.

She has not been back to the neighborhood for years. She said there is too many bad memories, but said she will return when the park is dedicated and completed.

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