911 call: Mom says sons drugged, attacked her and husband

ATLANTA (KRON/AP) — A teen and his older brother face assault charges, accused of drugging and attacking their parents in their suburban Atlanta home in what police called a plot to kill the parents.

In a 911 call on Saturday, a woman told a dispatcher, “My children are trying to kill me. They attacked me and my husband. They drugged us with Xanax.”

The recording of the call was released by police this week. Yvonne Ervin is heard breathing heavily into the phone as she repeatedly pleads with the dispatcher to send officers.

About five minutes into the call, Ervin told the dispatcher that she heard her sons asking where she had gone. Seconds later, she screamed. The operator’s questions from that point on were met with silence.

Ervin and her husband, Zachary, both 50, were hospitalized but are expected to survive.

Christopher Ervin, 17, and Cameron Ervin, 22, now face charges including aggravated assault, Gwinnett County police said.

Officers said when arrived, they found a bloody scene inside the family’s home. The father, Zachary Ervin, emerged from the garage covered in blood around 8 a.m. Saturday, police said. His wife told the dispatcher that her husband had tried to distract the sons in the garage area as she dialed 911 from an upstairs bedroom.

Zachary Ervin told officers that he was struck in the head with a shotgun during the attack, and officers found a bloody, black shotgun in a basement bedroom, according to a police report.

In the call, Yvonne Ervin said she heard her sons say they put Xanax in their drinks. “That’s why we were so sleepy. We didn’t understand why we were so sleepy, but that’s why,” she said.

Later, she said she doesn’t know why her sons would try to kill them, but tells the dispatcher, “I guess they want the insurance money, I’m not sure.”

Cameron Ervin told an officer, “I tried to kill my (expletive) parents who does that,” according the police report.

The brothers are due in court for a preliminary hearing on Friday.

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