Man found guilty of 2013 fatal shooting at child’s birthday party

SALINAS (BCN) – A Salinas man has been found guilty of second-degree murder for the 2013 shooting death of a man at a child’s birthday party, Monterey County prosecutors announced Tuesday.

A Monterey County Superior Court jury found Freddy Carranza, 37, guilty following a three-week trial, according to prosecutors.

On Nov. 2, 2013, the victim Sergio Rodriguez, 35, had arrived at a ranch located at 18 Hartnell Road, where he was storing a bus he had been working on for several months. Dozens of people were present at the ranch for the child’s birthday party, according to prosecutors.

Around 4 p.m., Carranza, a drug dealer who owed money to the victim, confronted Rodriguez with a shotgun, prosecutors said.

Carranza pointed the gun at Rodriguez’s chest and pulled the trigger, then fled, according to prosecutors.

Police arrested Carranza on two days later.

Carranza is scheduled for sentencing on Friday. He faces 40 years-to-life in prison, prosecutors said.

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