Santa Cruz pro surfer breaks neck riding big waves


SANTA CRUZ (KRON) — Shawn Dollar, a professional surfer from Santa Cruz, broke his neck while surfing big waves Monday on the central coast, according to a statement posted on the Titans of Mavericks’ Facebook page.

Dollar’s neck broke in four places and he also suffered a concussion, according to the statement, after paddling out into 25-foot waves and unfavorable conditions brought on by a strong south swell.

His fellow surfers transported Dollar to an emergency room, and he’s reportedly currently in stable condition.

“I’m so grateful for those who where there in my scariest and darkest hour and who acted on my behalf to get me to safety and reach the hospital in time,” Dollar wrote in the statement. “I’m thankful to learn that even with these severe injuries I will make a full recovery.”

Friends say Dollar will be recovering over the coming months, and that he will “return to the line up soon.”

As of Tuesday night, well-wishers had left more than 275 comments for Dollar on the Titans of Mavericks’ Facebook page and the post had been shared roughly 300 times.

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