Tech Report: Closer look at new Apple TV device


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — This year, Apple is trying to revolutionize the TV-watching experience with its new Apple TV device.

It has been three years since Apple updated this device. This is their big push to take on Amazon, Google, Roku, and all the other streaming players out there.

The user interface has a whole new look and feel. It’s much smoother and easier to take in and navigate through.

They added the app store to the new Apple TV. They expect there to be thousands of apps made for the living room TV.

In a way, this device turns your TV into a big iPhone or iPad. It’s the same thing, just on your TV.

And you use the new remote control to operate the Apple TV box. It has a glass touch sensor for swiping and tapping at the top, and Siri has been integrated into the Apple TV, so you search across all your apps for content by speaking into the remote control.

With the beefed up processing power in the Apple TV, the app store, and the new remote, this living room device could be a powerhouse in gaming.

The Apple TV will be out in October.

It costs $150 for a 32GB or $200 for a 64GB.

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