Tech Report: Closer look at new super-sized iPad Pro


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a new super-sized iPad in San Francisco Wednesday.

It is 12.9 inches, but surprisingly light. It is not much heavier than the existing iPads out there now.

This iPad is for people who really like watching video on iPads. It will offer the best experience yet for that on an Apple tablet.

But more so, this is for professionals at on-site jobs that require serious computing power. Apple said the iPad Pro will be as fast a desktop computer.

With its size, the screen can offer a full QWERTY keyboard to type on. Or for $150, you can pick up an accessory — a case for the iPad Pro that has a built-in Bluetooth physical keyboard.

And in a first, Apple is offering a stylus with the new iPad. It is the Apple pencil. It’s a $100 accessory to make certain tasks easier on the iPad.

The iPad Pro will come in gold, silver, and space grey. It hits the market in November.

It will cost $800 and goes up from there depending on storage.

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