Teen arrested for stealing TV after Novato home trashed during party


NOVATO (KRON) — A 17-year-old boy has been arrested for stealing a 42-inch flat-screen television from a home after a Novato house party, police said.

KRON4’s Justine Waldman broke the story Wednesday afternoon. The house was found completely trashed, with paint rubbed in all over the floor and then covered in fire extinguisher dust. Brand-new furniture was also ripped up.

The outside of the house shows scars too, with paint dripping down the garage door and the mailbox toppled over.

But some neighbors said they did not hear a thing.

“”It’s quiet,” neighbor Lucy Stasiowski said. “Our quarters are in the back. We don’t hear anything in front.”

The party started with Snapchat. A message went out on Sept. 5 to local kids in Novato inviting them to a house party in an “abandoned house.”

But the home on Vineyard Road is not empty — a family recently bought it, just finished renovations, and was about to move in.

The homeowner posted a message on Facebook, writing the alleged delinquents, 80 to 100 of them, left behind empty beer cans and plastic cups, smashed the floors, urinated down the vent system, and even destroyed her young kids’ clothes, along with taking the TV.

Police don’t know how the kids got in, but have narrowed in on several teenagers who were at the party. And they are interviewing more kids now to figure out who is responsible for the damage.

Police said some of the kids were cooperating, while some were not.

The teen arrested is from Novato and has been booked into Marin County Juvenile Hall. The party took place Saturday and Sunday nights. The arrest was made Wednesday.

Neighbors said they hope the kids learn their lesson.

“They need to clean it up, and they need to apologize to the family for what they did,” Stasiowski said.

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