Video: East Bay youth basketball coach attacked by parents and coaches from another team


RICHMOND (KRON) — In the East Bay, a popular youth basketball coach is recovering after allegedly being attacked by parents and coaches from another team.

Broyce Batchan coaches the East Bay soldiers, a youth basketball team that is made up of kids from all over the region. This past weekend, the team played in a tournament in Oakland and Batchan said that he had a minor disagreement with the coaches from another team over the age of some of their players.

“They brought in two players that looked over age, so we challenged their birth certificates and ages,” Batchan said.

Batchan said that on Sunday, he was confronted outside a gym by parents and the coaches from that same team.

“The guy that started it pushed me from the side, and then one of the coaches hit me from behind,” Batchan said. “When I went down, I fractured my kneecap. He kept raining down on me. I never passed out, but I could feel them.”

Batchan spent two days in the hospital. He had surgery on his left knee and suffered a facial fracture. He said that the wounds will heal, but that it’s unacceptable that these coaches and parents failed in their jobs as role models to the kids.

“Coaching kids is about teaching lessons, and this is a lesson that should never be taught,” Batchan said.

The Oakland Police Department is investigating the incident. They were unavailable for comment Wednesday afternoon.

Batchan, meanwhile, hopes that his attackers will be brought to justice.

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