Valley Fire: East Bay high school helping victims


MORAGA (KRON) — An East Bay high school is on a mission to help victims of this fire.

A group of students is rallying to get supplies to those who need them most. The football team at Campolindo Highs School in Moraga is excited about this week’s matchup with Napa High School, but they are taking more than a competitive spirit with them.

They are taking a lot of clothes — bed linens, flashlights, sleeping bags, pillows, and really anything to help someone stay on their feet. Drew Cirilli and his brother John and their mother Danielle rallied the team and the entire community to help out those who lost everything.

“I thought it was pretty cool to see my parents and my brother and our entire program rally around this tragedy and really try and help out,” John said.

Danielle and her sons turned their home into an emergency supply depot.

“All three of the Campo teams will be traveling to Napa on Thursday and Friday, and my two sons were like, ‘we should do something,’ so we quickly put together a supply drive and drive up whatever we had,” Danielle said. “Before we knew it, it just exploded.”

What they thought would be a couple of SUVs turned out to be a bit more.

“We hope to fill up a 16-foot box truck and a couple of suburbans,” Danielle  said.

The response the team will bring to the Napa Echos a strange coincidence to their competition.

“Last time we played them was after the earthquake,” coach Kevin Macy said. “It’s funny. It seems like every time we match up with Napa, unfortunately, something sad happens in that area, but I think there is something of kindred spirit connection with them.”

This matchup will no doubt exemplify that kindred spirit.

“It’s going to be weird to play them, and then help them out, but I think it’s more important to help them then play them in football,” John said.

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