Valley Fire: Historic resort destroyed

COBB (KRON) — A historic and popular resort is gone because of the Valley Fire.

The fire destroyed Hoberg’s in Cobb, and on Wednesday, we got to see the destruction first hand.

The owner of the resort walked through the property to see what was left.

“So this is where the 16 rooms was we recently built,” owner Dan Nelson said.

And now, there is nothing.

“It is really heartbreaking,” Nelson said.

The owner walked through what is left of the 55-acre Hoberg’s Resort — in the rain and through the smoke. Dan slowly took it all in — all that is gone.

He ran from the fire on Saturday, as flames burned down resort.  He only had time to take a few things, like a computer and old blueprints.

His office is now rubble.

“Looks like a lot of things came down from the second floor,” Nelson said.

This is the first time he’s been back — only to see the main lodge in rubble. The Grand Ball Room has been destroyed. And the recently renovated wine bar is gone too.

“It was a beautiful building until it burned down,” Nelson said.

In the 1930s Hoberg’s resort was the place to be. Dan and partners purchased it in 2014, wanting to bring it back to glory.

But the Valley Fire stole that dream.

“To have it effect and burn down a resort I was so in love with is hard,” Nelson said. “It is really hard being here.”

After a multi-million dollar renovation, Hobergs was supposed to re-open early next year. And Dan promises this place will rise from the ashes.

“I didn’t want to cry because this place has a good future,” Nelson said. “Something magical will happen here in the future at Hobergs.”

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