Valley Fire: Investigators search small shed for cause of blaze

COBB (KRON) — The town of Cobb was one of the first areas to be burned after the Valley Fire got started on Saturday.

Authorities haven’t said exactly what started the fire, but they do believe they might know where it began

“I just saw a rise of smoke over the rise from my property,” resident John Wilcox said.

On Saturday afternoon, he said he saw smoke coming from a home, which is only about five acres away from his house.

“It looked like a little yard fire,” Wilcox said. “It caught some wind, blew up the canyon, and it was an inferno in half an hour.”

Authorities haven’t confirmed that this is where the Valley Fire started, nor have they said exactly what triggered the blaze. But for the past several days, investigators have been working around a small shed beside the main house.

A closer look at the shed on Wednesday afternoon didn’t reveal anything about how the fire may have started, and no one was home to answer questions.

John said he has lived in this area for years and had never heard of any problems at the home.

“Good neighbors as far as I know,” Wilcox said.

And finally, Wilcox said he was lucky. The winds pushed the flames to the east after it got started. If the fire had burned just a few yards to the north, he probably would have lost his home.

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