Valley Fire: Rain halts neighborhood searches

MIDDLETOWN (KRON) — The rainfall is helping slow the spread of the fire, but it is also putting a damper on some other fire-related matters.

In Middletown, firefighters are currently holding off on neighborhood searches. Firefighters are giving the rain a chance to soak through the rubble as much as possible before they continue searching for potential remains.

They’ve been going from house to house, putting markers and closing each property off once the search is completed. But that came to a halt Wednesday afternoon once the rain hit.

It can get extremely messy if the rain is falling, and at the same time, they’re prodding through debris. So, they’re just giving it a chance to slow down before they continue.

And even with all this rain, it doesn’t mean hot spots will be gone. Although they’re standing here in the rain, there are still materials on the ground that can potentially cause a fire to restart.

So, crews are still manning the leveled properties while in their trucks.

Cal Fire said crews will be out there all night long, and will be ready to continue searching the rubble as soon as the rain eases up.

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