East Bay road worker struck and killed by DUI driver


UPDATE SATURDAY 11:22 A.M.: —  The victim has been identified as 33-year-old Oakland resident Miguel Angel Rodriguez Delacruz, a construction worker killed in a suspected DUI crash early Saturday morning on westbound Interstate Highway 580 in Oakland.
Sometime just after midnight a suspected DUI driver crashed into an area that had been closed for construction on westbound Highway 580 at Lakeshore Avenue, according to CHP Officer Sean Wilkenfeld.

The two lanes on the far left had both been closed off with cones for paving operations, Wilkenfeld said. The driver crossed into the closed area and struck Delacruz, then also hit a pickup truck and a generator before coming to a rest.

Delacruz was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Wilkenfeld.

“So we had a drunk driver who drove into a construction closure and killed someone who was trying to earn a living on the freeway,” Wilkenfeld said.

The driver has not yet been identified, and details about the vehicle involved in the fatal crash were not immediately available.

Investigators closed three lanes on the left-hand side of the roadway until roughly 7:15 a.m., according to Wilkenfeld.

A “multidisciplinary accident investigation team,” comprised of personnel with a higher level of training than other officers, responded to the scene to collect evidence, Wilkenfeld said.

The team wanted to collect all the evidence they could from the scene of this morning’s crash because it took a man’s life, and the victim was a construction worker who was just out doing his job, Wilkenfeld said.


Oakland CHP officers are responding to an accident that left one person dead early Saturday morning in Oakland on interstate 580.

Officers received a call at 12:17 a.m. that a driver of a silver Honda Accord drove into a construction zone and struck and killed a road worker.

When police arrived on the scene they arrested the driver on suspicion of DUI, according to police.

Officer Anderson said the person who was killed was not a Caltrans worker, but may be a contractor that works for them


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