Yelp finds restaurants that give back to the community


BAY AREA (KRON) —  KRON4’s Will Tran speaks with Yelp community Kevin Blum about great food and how certain restaurants are giving back to the community. One of the places that was highlighted was the Old Skool Cafe in the Bayview District in San Francisco which started in 2003 by a corrections officer who teaches at risk kids between the ages of 16 and 22-years old about the restaurant industry from front to back. Some of the yelper favorites include sweet potato pie, peanut butter soup, and blackened catfish.

Another favorite over in the South Bay in Palo Alto, Ada’s Cafe. This restaurant employs disabled  adults to work in the cafe. Some of the menu favorites include their famous scones, quiche, and steak sandwich.

In the North Bay, a restaurant called Worth Our Wait in Santa Rosa specializes in brunch. They hire at risk kids between the ages of 16 and 24-years-old. These are young adults who have suffered major obstacles in their lives. They were either in foster care, homeless, or at risk. The menu favorites include eggs benedict, lamb hash, and eggs and ham.

Over in the East Bay we have a different restaurant that also helps the community. It’s called The Town Kitchen and it’s a food delivery service. It’s the only food delivery service that is entirely operated by low income youth. These employees include college credit for participating in the program. Their menu favorites are BBQ chicken  sandwich, deviled egg sandwich, and the grilled chicken kale ceasar.


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