Six things to do when it’s too hot outside

BAY AREA (KRON) —  On Sunday the Quality Management District issued its eighth Spare the Air Alert for unhealthy air in The Bay Area. What are we supposed to do if we’re advised to stay inside? Well, here are a few idea for activities and things do to round The Bay on this hot Sunday.

Keep cool and go shopping –  Yes, malls can be crowded during the weekends and a bit expensive, but it can also be a place to escape the heat. We have our fair share of malls across The Bay area, so pick your favorite and go.


Sit back, relax and head to the movies – I don’t know about you but I do not have air conditioning in my house, so when temperatures hit triple digits you can find me watching a flick and enjoying some some AC. Buy a ticket to one movie and just crash the theaters for the rest of the day.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream – Who does not love ice cream? No matter what city or town you’re in you can always cool down with some ice cream. Bottom line, ice cream is an excellent beginning to any hot day.


Nap in front of a powerful fan – Let’s take note from this pooch below. There is nothing wrong with becoming so desperate we have to sleep in front of a fan. You might feel better if the air is blasting on your face.



Hit up an indoor ice skating rink –  Whether you’re a natural or terrible at ice skating you can always chill out on the ice.


Check out some history and hit up a museum – Use the heat to get out and explore your favorite museums. However, make sure they are air-conditioned. If you’re in the San Francisco area be sure to visit website San Francisco Art website for a list of museums and other fun indoor activities.





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