Tech Report: Cybersecurity experts warn WiFi-enabled baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers


SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — Imagine being spied on in your own home.

Cybersecurity experts are warning that WiFi-enabled video baby monitors are being targeted by hackers. Tech reporter Gabe Slate met with a security firm to find out how you can protect yourself.

“Very scary, definitely feel violated,” said Jacqueline Arrizon, who is the mother of 2-year-old Phil.

Arrizon is reacting to the recent reports of video baby monitors being hacked to spy on children, and other dark deeds.

“You’re always kind of on edge with your kids,” she said. “You want to know where they are at and what they are doing. And to have somebody watching with you and not know that. It’s very scary”

“You won’t know,” Travis Moss of Safe Security said. “They won’t follow you around with the camera. They won’t talk through the mic. They are not going to alert you that they now have access to your network because they got other plans in mind for you.”

Travis, a cybersecurity expert, said there are peeping toms who will just watch you and listen to you through the baby monitors — and yeah — that’s creepy.

But the real danger is the hackers using the baby monitors as a gateway into your network and critical information.

“Any device that is WiFi enabled allows them into your network,” Moss said. “It’s like a Trojan Horse. They are going to use that to get to the real information, your identity and banking info etc..”

To protect yourself, make sure your home WiFi network has a strong password.

Change your user names and passwords often that are associated with your WiFi-enabled baby monitor. Make sure to run software updates for your baby monitor software or app.

And unplug the camera when it’s not in use.


1. Safe Security Identity Theft & credit monitoring service


2. Researchers from security firm Rapid7 spent most of 2015 reviewing nine models from eight manufacturers and then scored them on a 250-point scale for overall security. The researchers then translated the scores into standard academic grades. Eight of the models received an F and one got a D. In this report below they list out 9 baby monitors that they think are not safe.   



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