Valley Fire: Residents of Anderson Springs return home, see devastation


ANDERSON SPRINGS (KRON) — Residents of Anderson Springs, a community devastated by the Valley Fire were finally allowed to return home.

While some people were greeted with the same house they were forced to leave, others found just ash and rubble. Around 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon, residents of the hard hit community of Anderson Springs began returning home.

Stanley Swint, like so many of his neighbors, found his house reduced to rubble. The only thing that survived was the asparagus in his garden.

Swint was planning on retiring from teaching next year but might need to keep working in order to rebuild his home.

“It’s hard, but I gotta stick in there and do it,” Swint said.

Amanda Ballew and Will Dyslin spent about an hour before sunset sifting through the remains of Amanda’s child hood home. All they could find worth saving were a handful of keepsakes including this saber from Will’s military days.

“We were just anxious to get back here and see what was left,” Ballew said.

Anna Rosone was one of the very few lucky ones in Anderson Springs. Her home is still standing, but she feels for her neighbors.

“It’s surreal. I just don’t recognize it,” Rosone said. “My heart breaks for all my wonderful neighbors.”

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