Seaside man sentenced to 20 years for multiple crimes

File photo of a jail cell.

SALINAS (KRON) — A Seaside man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for committing multiple crimes, including robbery, possessing drugs for sale and evading a police officer, Monterey County prosecutors said.

Stephen Guice, 41, pleaded guilty to the crimes on Dec. 30 in Monterey County Superior Court, according to prosecutors.

On March 19, 2010, police attempted to contact Guice as he sat in a parked car. Guice then fled in his vehicle and crashed into a parked car before tossing cocaine out of the vehicle, prosecutors said.

During his jury trial for that case, Guice attempted to bribe one of the jurors in the trial. The juror reported Guice’s actions to the court, according to prosecutors.

While Guice was free on bail, Guice and two accomplices robed a marijuana dealer of his marijuana as well as cash, prosecutors said.

Seaside police apprehended Guice and his accomplices shortly afterward, and found Guice in possession of the stolen drugs, which he intended to sell for profit, prosecutors said.

A judge set Guice’s bail at $1 million, which Guice subsequently posted.

On April 12, 2013, Carmel police served a search warrant on Guice at a Carmel bar, where prosecutors said he had been selling drugs.

While Guice was in his holding cell at the Carmel Police Department, he removed two plastic bags of cocaine from his body and threw them out of his cell. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera inside the holding cell, according to prosecutors.

Guice received the 20-year sentence last Thursday. He had previously been convicted of 17 misdemeanors and five felonies. Additionally, Guice had served prior prison terms of six and eight years, prosecutors said.

Bay City News contributed to this article.

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