Tech Report: Apple’s rose gold iPhone sold out


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The rose gold iPhone has sold out.

The new color has been a huge hit for Apple. It helped the company smash its previous opening weekend sales records.

More than 13 million new iPhones were sold over the weekend. That’s up 3 million from last year’s weekend launch of the iPhone6. It also helped that they included China sales.

Right now, if you try to order a rose gold iPhone online through Apple’s website, depending on the storage model you choose and carrier, it will take between two and four weeks to ship to you. On eBay people paying are willing to overpay for the device.

One auction for a 6s rose gold was currently going for $1,000 with 29 bids. And there is an auction for a 6s plus rose gold currently going for $1,175 with 41 bids.

Yes, a lot of women are attracted to the rose gold color, and that certainly helps. For years, phones have mostly been black and white.

These tech companies know they need to do more to appeal to women, and they are finally catching up.  But, keep in mind that rose gold is not pink. This is not a hot pink phone.

It is not only for women, but men are buying it too. Rose gold is very popular with all types of jewelry.

When you hold it and see it in person, it’s easier to understand how subtle the color is. It is like the champagne gold iPhone that became popular with both men and women.

It is not loud and gaudy, and it is very appealing to the eye. And another thing helping the popularity of this phone is the Chinese market.

Red and gold are very significant colors to the Chinese culture. Red represents good luck and fortune. And gold is considered the most beautiful and prestigious color.

And some techies want to prove they have the latest thing.

The other colors are the same as the old iPhone, the iPhone6.

But only the new 6s comes in rose gold. So, there are those gadget fanatics that just have to have the newest thing.

If you want a rose gold iPhone or need one for a gift, Gabe recommends you order it online. Don’t mess with going to stores and trying to chase it down. Avoid that hassle.

And a lot of times, it will ship quicker then the predicted date. It’s the easiest way to get the phone.

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