Video: Bigger buses, faster routes coming to San Francisco Muni


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Getting across the city of San Francisco on Muni is about to get a lot easier, at least that is the plan announced by San Francisco officials Monday.

Bigger buses and faster routes are some of the key parts of the proposal.

San Francisco officials went through a long-list of improvements affecting Muni, including making the announcements at a brand-new maintenance yard, which is supposed to help speed up repairs to get vehicles back in service.

“Not only are we dedicating a new facility, but we are announcing new service for the first time,” SFMTA Director of Transit John Haley said.

In fact, several new routes were discussed, as well as improving service on the existing routes.

“We are increasing service, making roads better and to reach goal to have zero fatalities by 2024,” San Francisco Director of Transportation Edward Reiskin said.

The mayor was also on-hand to discuss how new buses will help reduce harmful air pollutants by 60 percent.

“This is one of the new buses…It just came in from out-of-state this morning…and will be put into service soon…,” Mayor Ed Lee said.

Officials said besides offering cleaner, new buses, these buses are also larger and can carry more people. For example, one 60-foot bus can offer rides to 120 people, rather than an older bus, which has a capacity of 85 people, according to SFMTA officials.

Muni has come under fire for slow and unreliable service. Officials said this is a big step forward, and this is the first of many steps to come to make it a bigger public transit system.

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