Video: Concord resident resorts to questionable measures to catch package thieves


CONCORD (KRON) — A spike in package thefts has one frustrated resident resorting to questionable measures to catch thieves.

The incident was caught on camera in the East Bay. Surveillance video of a Concord resident shows him chasing down a man attempting to steal a package left on the doorstep of his home.

“I was angry that someone had the audacity to steal from me, yeah, that’s not cool,” resident Ken Jensen said.

Jensen is the homeowner that sprung into action last Friday, when his daughter saw a man approaching their home near Deckinger Road

“Apparently, I was a little bit faster,” Jensen said.

But police said they do not agree with what Jensen did.

“That is very dangerous,” Concord police Cpl. Christopher Blakely said.

Blakely advises against residents chasing down criminals

“For safety reasons, I always recommend calling the police,” Blakely said.

As for package theft crimes, Concord police said a recent spike may be attributed to the release of Apple’s new iPhone

Jensen said whether it’s an iPhone or some other postal delivery, if he had it to do over again, he would do the same thing because residents in his area are getting fed up with their packages being stolen.

“It’s been happening all over the neighborhood,” Jensen said. “The whole time, you’re thinking about it…’What can I do to stop this guy from driving off?'”

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