Tech Report: Parking website controversy


SAN BRUNO (KRON) — A new website similar to Airbnb is helping people make some money on the side.

But it is drawing controversy and may be illegal. Tech reporter Gabe Slate met with someone who was ordered to stop using this website.

Linda Harrington lives in San Bruno. She has been using for a while to be able to stay in the Bay Area.

Linda and other users were served notices by the city of San Bruno to stop renting out their driveways. Gabe met with San Bruno city attorney Mark Zafferano, who said besides violating city ordinance, it could have an negative impact on the neighborhoods by making street parking more difficult.

That is a fair point. Gabe drove around San Bruno, and it’s like most communities in the Bay Area. The neighborhood streets are packed, and there is barely any street parking.

So, if people rent out their driveway, that puts their car in the street and could make it more crowded. Now, in Linda’s case, she happens to have a two-car driveway, and only one personal car. She only rents out one space.

So, she is not impacting her neighbors in that way.

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