Video: Roseburg, Oregon community comes together after deadly Umpqua Community College shooting massacre


ROSEBURG (KRON) — The Roseburg, Oregon community is coming together Friday night after the deadly Umpqua Community College shooting massacre that left 10 people dead, including the gunman.

Oregon has been through this before, including a mall shooting in 2013 near Portland. Then, last year, there was a high school shooting just outside the city.

Now, the victims in those communities are lending their support to this one.

It’s a simple symbol — a stone, some modge-podge, and fabric or paper.

They are “love rocks.” The rocks are meant to be left, sometimes hidden, waiting to be found by someone in need.

Tiny messages of hope were brought in containers by the thousands.

“We went to three places today,” one resident said.

These rocks left by a family who knows tragedy well.

“We did hearts, and we wrote hope at the police station,” another resident said.

Emilio Hoffman was shot by a fellow student at Reynolds High School.

“That was my son,” his mother said.

The shooting, just east of Portland, brought tragedy to Oregon. One year later, there was tragedy on campus yet again.

This time, three hours away from Troutdale, there are prayers for Roseburg.

Emilio’s mom, Jennifer, founded Emilio Inc. after his death. It’s an outreach organization to open up a dialog about mental health.

“We are just here to show the support that they showed with us,” Jennifer said.

Emilio’s mother and cousins didn’t want to say anything. To them, their message “unity” and “love” says enough.

“I don’t want this to be about us,” Jennifer said. “I just want this to be about them and the support that they offer.”

For the most part, the community of Roseburg has kept quiet through their loss.

The campus in Roseburg is still blocked off Friday night. The sheriff’s department said it is a crime scene.

And earlier Friday, the Red Cross in Roseburg has been packed with people waiting for more than 3 hours to give blood. They want to help the victims still in the hospital after the mass shooting.

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