Fleet Week brings emergency crews from across nation for disaster response training

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The 35th annual Fleet Week kicks off Monday with events all over the city.

KRON 4’s Terisa Estacio spent Monday morning at Pier 50 for the disaster response training demonstration.

Fleet Week brings in a lot of extraordinary personnel to the Bay Area and San Francisco emergency management are capitalizing on the added emergency crew.

“Fleet Week is a lot more than an air show,” said San Francisco Director of Emergency Management, Rob Dudgeon.

San Francisco Emergency Management is teaming up with crews from the U.S. Military, the National Guard, PG&E and other groups to work on their emergency response drills for the Bay Area.

“We are putting equipment on military vessels and actually using the water to bring resources into San Francisco,” Dudgeon said. “Because in an earthquake we may not have any roads or bridges.”

Dudgeon said they have been organizing this all year and Fleet Week presents them with a great opportunity to see their planning played out in real time.

It also allows emergency crews from all different organizations to get on the same page.

“The question is how do we coordinate that effort among all the different branches of the military and the civilian world,” Dudgeon said. “We make sure we speak the same language so when the time comes it’s not a surprise.”

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