The best spots to watch the 35th annual Fleet Week

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco’s waterfront will be buzzing when the 35th annual Fleet Week kicks off Monday.

KRON 4’s Grant Lodes gives viewers the best spots around the Bay to watch the signature air shows.

The miles of San Francisco coast lines offers prime locations for people that want to watch the Blue Angels.

Center stage for the show is the air space around Alcatraz Island, according to Lodes.

Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 are great places to watch as long as you stay near the water.

Onlookers can experience a more unique view at Hyde Street Pier. Viewers can watch from a docked boat on the pier for only $5. Getting their early is vital, as the boats fill up quickly.

The best, and most experience, spot is the Marina Green. Tickets are $50-225 for that area and will be decked out with box seats, food and drinks.

But if you can find a rooftop, that’s even better, cheap and a great view of the show in the sky.


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