Video: Fate of Pacifica apartment complex close to falling into ocean remains in limbo


PACIFICA (KRON) — The fate of a Pacifica apartment complex that is dangerously close to falling into the Pacific Ocean remains in limbo Monday night.

The buildings were abandoned in 2010 after powerful storms eroded the cliff. Last month, the owner of that apartment complex was scheduled to present a demolition plan to the Pacifica Planning Commission.

The presentation was thought to be delayed until Monday night, but now, KRON has been told the commission won’t discuss the plan until Oct. 19. In the meantime, neighbors are still worried that those buildings could fall at any time.

During the winter of 2009-2010, heavy storms, possibly fueled by that year’s El Nino, tore away at the cliffs along Esplanade Avenue. When it became the clear that several buildings on top of the cliffs were in danger of falling, the apartments were red tagged and evacuated.

They have remained that way ever since. Efforts were made to prevent further erosion, but the past four winters have been mild and the cliffs have remained mostly unchanged.

With another El Nino forming in the Pacific, there is new concern that the apartments could once again be in danger of falling.

Diana Fasanaro lived a few doors down in an apartment building that also sits on the cliffs.

“Yeah, I’m wondering how long mine will last down at the end of the street,” Fasanaro said.

She wants the red tag apartments removed before the problem gets worse.

“Walking along the beach below, debris is constantly falling down,” Fasanaro said. “I was walking down there a few weeks ago thinking, ‘Oh my god. This whole building is going to fall.’ Then, ‘How hard is that going to be to get off?'”

If the planning commission approves the demolition plan on Oct. 19, the work theoretically will begin in a just a few weeks.

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