Video: Man who wrestled gun away from attacker in suspected home invasion in San Francisco speaks


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —  A victim in an attempted armed home-invasion robbery was able to wrestle away the suspect’s gun.

The struggle was caught on surveillance video that has been released by San Francisco police. And they are still looking for the attacker.

It happened last Monday around 8 a.m. Bill Oxidean finished parking his car and was taking in the recycling bin when, all of a sudden, he is attacked inside his garage by a man wearing a grey jacket.

He was also armed with a gun.

“The guy runs up on me and tries to stick me up,” Oxidean said. “There, I drop my keys…he scratches my car.”

The struggle moves out of a frame for a time, which is when Bill said he was able to get the upper hand.

“That’s when I was able to slam him against the car…slam him against the garage door and get my hand on the weapon,” Oxidean said. “Now, I decide to grapple him up and start manhandling him. Ive got my hand on the gun and I’m not letting go. He gets me on my back for a second, and I didn’t like that, so I flip him over like a hot cake.”

“I want to pry that gun out of hand and he does not want to let it go,” Oxidean added. “I was thinking not today….”

But in the end, Bill was able to pry the gun away from the unknown assailant and run out of the garage. He said he tried to fire on the man, but the gun was jammed and the suspect ran away.

Bill builds and races radio-controlled boats. He credits his competitive drive for being able to disarm his attacker.

“I was thinking if I don’t win this race….I am out of the competition….I am not a contestant if i don’t win this race,” Oxidean said.

In addition to the gun, the suspect also left behind a knife and a beanie that had been on his head.

The victim hopes that between those three items, the police will be able to get fingerprints or DNA in order to track down the man who attacked him.

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