Tech Report: FaceCake Virtual Makeup


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It is being called a virtual make-up studio in your pocket.

A mobile app let’s you virtually try on any kind of makeup, in any shade, without actually putting anything on your face.

“ShadeScout is like a makeup counter in your back pocket,” FaceCake Graphic Designer Stephanie Ward said. “It let’s you try on over 10,000 products instantly on your own image in real time, and you can share it with your friends or buy it right there in the app. “

Stephanie is trying on makeup right now without having to actually put it on her face.

It is done with FaceCake’s free shade scout app for phones and tablets.

Using the front facing camera on your device and face recognition technology, the app will virtually apply the makeup on your face so you can see how it looks.

“One thing I like about it is you can try on crazy makeup that you never would try on at a make up counter, like this bright blue,” Ward said.

Another cool feature of this app is if you run across any color in real life that you want to try on your face in lipstick or eye shadow, you can take a picture of it with the app, and shade scout will match that color and offer it to you to try on your face.

For example, if you see a lipstick that Naomi Watts wore to a red carpet event, just a snap a pic of that color and then you can instantly try that shade on your lips.

“I found a pink flower that I tried with lipstick, and it worked great for me through the app, bought it and get compliments all the time,” Ward said.



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