Background of three people suspected of killing Marin County hiker, Canadian tourist in San Francisco

The three suspects.
The three suspects.



MARIN COUNTY (KRON) — While the three suspects are now behind bars awaiting transfer to the Bay Area, investigators are working to trace the suspect’s steps between the time before the first murder and their arrest days later in Oregon.

The arrest of the three people, now suspected of killing both a hiker in Marin County and a woman in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, has law enforcement agencies across the state with their own unsolved murders wondering if these three may be responsible.

“We have been contacted by a number of agencies, a small handful, who have had similar crime in their jurisdiction, not only recently, but in the last couple of years,” Marin County sheriff’s Lt. Doug Pittman said. “It’s prudent for them to see what we know in case there is any information we have come upon that might help them solve any crimes they have.”

According to the Marin County sheriff, the suspects were found in possession of Carey’s personal property at the time of their arrest in Portland, Oregon. Sean Michael Angold, 24, Morrison Haze Lampley, 23, and Lila Scott Allgood, 18, were arrested around 2:15 p.m. Wednesday on suspicion of the fatal shooting of 67-year-old Steve Carter in the Loma Alta Open Space.

Marin County sheriff’s investigators are also trying to piece together what happened from the time they were spotted at a Point Reyes gas station Monday night, and the time they were arrested in Portland, oregon

“The fact that these three individuals are now facing murder charges in both Marin and San Francisco within a time frame of 48 hours, knowing that they had 36 hours from the time they left Marin County until the time they were apprehended, we need to retrace all their steps so we are confident they are not responsible for any other crimes during that time,” Pittman said.

While the three suspects have waived their right to be extradited to the Bay Area, one of them, Morrison Lampley, has an outstanding warrant out of Polk County, Oregon for violating parole for a 2012 drug conviction.

That could delay things.

“When that occurs, you have a right to be heard before that magistrate, that court first,” Pittman said. “So, I know for a fact the Marin County D.A. is in touch with the courts in Oregon to see if that person can be released from those charges. Obviously the focus is to bring those three suspects back here to face the charges of murder.”

No one is saying exactly when the three suspects will be transferred back to the Bay Area, but sheriff’s officials said it is likely they will be back here by this time next week.

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