My KRON 4: Rockridge BART Station parking lot always full


OAKLAND (KRON) — A viewer contacted KRON about a problem she is having with BART.

She said she can never find a parking space before taking the train from the East Bay to San Francisco. A car fills each space and every space at the Rockridge BART Station in Oakland.

It is a scenario Sonia Reyes knows all too well.

“It’s becoming more and more frustrating because I rely on BART to get to work,” Reyes said.

The nurse practitioner commutes from Rockridge to San Francisco every weekday, and even when she arrives by 7:15 a.m., she says the lot is already full.

“We try to use use public transportation to get to work, but it is becoming more and more impossible to get a spot in the morning.”

The Rockridge Station is a busy one. BART’s website even shows the parking lots here are full by 7:25 a.m. Riders cannot park on street because there is a 2-hour limit.

“It makes me nervous about the sustainability of working in the city, and it makes me nervous about the sustainability of our BART system,” Reyes said.

She wanted KRON to find out what BART is doing about adding more spaces. A BART spokesperson answered our questions via email.

“There is no room to grow. Many stations are in densely populated areas. There currently is no money to purchase real estate for parking lots or multi-level garages,” the spokesperson wrote.

Also, BART just raised parking fees over the summer. With that money, BART wants to send a text or email alert to riders when a lot if full. It is still in the works, but it is an idea this frustrated commuter likes.

“When you have transparency and communication, you can have plan B, C, D,” Reyes said. “That would be very helpful.”

BART did recommend the carpool to BART program.

You can ride to the BART station with other commuters and park in a designated carpool space.

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