Nuisance complaint filed against West Oakland church


OAKLAND (KRON) — Controversy continues Thursday night, surrounding a nuisance complaint filed against a West Oakland church.

Although the complaint said the church could be fined thousands of dollars, city leaders tell KRON why that is not likely to happen.

The complaint said the music at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in West Oakland is creating a nuisance because it’s too loud. So, is the city trying to hit the mute button on church worshipers in this part of town?

The city’s communication’s director Karen Boyd said that is not the case.

“I would say we have no intention of silencing churches in Oakland,” Boyd said.

However, a letter sent back on August 31 implies that a $3,529 nuisance case fee and civil penalties of $500 dollars a day could be brought against the church.

“There was the indication of that…you need to resolve it,” city councilmember Lynette McElhaney said.

Boyd said as far as the city is concerned, the matters is resolved

“Since August 31st, when we sent out the letter, we haven’t had any further complaints against the property,” Boyd said.

Although it was just one complaint regarding loud music being played after 9 p.m., McElhaney said there is a bigger picture issue of growing concern in Oakland

“Because it really taps into a larger concern that people are beginning to feel around gentrification, displacement and cultural displacement,” McElhaney said.

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