Popular kid’s snack recalled over mold

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The makers of a popular kid’s snack have issued a voluntary recall after they found mold in some of their products sold earlier this year.

GoGo squeeZ says that applesauce pouches marked with the “Best Before Date” between June 30, 2016, and July 26, 2016 were affected by a production issue that “led to the development of some common mold.”

“An independent lab tested the mold, and an expert microbiologist determined that it poses no known health risk,” said CEO Michel Larroche in a statement on the company website.

“However, we know mold is gross and unpleasant to look at or taste, and this is simply not the kind of experience we want you to have. As a consequence, we took every step to fully understand and fix the problem,” said Larroche.

The company said that they were able to prevent most of the potentially moldy snacks before reaching stores, but acknowledged that a “small amount” were likely sold to customers.

Larroche said that GoGo squeeZ is working with the FDA to fix the production issue.

“As a result of this action, during the coming weeks, it may be a bit more difficult to find GoGo squeeZ® products on your store shelves as we work to get back in stock the high quality products you know and deserve. We sincerely apologize that this has happened, and we appreciate your patience and support.”

Anyone that may have made a recent purchase and have any of these products in your home can visit this website for more information or call the company at 1-844-275-5841.

“Best Before Date” between June 30, 2016, and July 26, 2016

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