Tech Report: Close 5 money-saving mobile app


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A mobile app is gaining traction in the Bay Area.

It is being used by families to buy and sell new and used items locally within their community. This app, called Close 5, can be a great way to sell your kids used clothes and buy them new clothes.

And the app offers a way to find electronics and household items for a fraction of retail price. Plus, for Halloween, it can be a convenient way to get a kid’s costume for a great deal.

“I am going to be using Close 5 to sell 4-5 costumes this year to hopefully make money for new Halloween costumes,” Close 5 user Jill Williams said.

As much as Jill’s 8-year-old daughter Ava does not want to let go of her past monkey costume, her mom Jill is selling it through the Close 5 app to raise funds for her pony costume this year.

Close 5 is a new take on digital classifieds. It’s an alternative to eBay or Craigslist.

It’s all about local community. You buy and sell from people who live near you.

Most of the time, it ends up being your neighbors or people just a couple blocks away. All the users on Close 5 are vetted through Facebook profiles and other means.

And you know who is coming to your door. The idea is to feel safe for face to face meet ups and not have to meet in a grocery store parking lot.

“With Close 5, I feel much safer,” Williams said. “It feels like the people in my community.”

While KRON’s Gabe Slate was visiting with Jill, someone actually came to buy a receiver from her. She bought it 2 years ago for $200.

She said she really didn’t use it, and on Thursday, was letting it go for $40. He got a pretty a good deal.

Jill said to post items for sale, it literally takes seconds. You just snap the pic, write a quick description, and that’s it. It’s posted.

Buyers and sellers talk through the app,  so your phone number and your email is never revealed.

Jill is using Close 5 to save a lot of money.

“I have so many clothes in my closet,” Williams said.  “I have two kids. They are growing so fast. I feel like I am buying them new close all the time. This way, I make some money selling old clothes and get better deals on newer clothes. And we found a great deal recently on an electronic. She wanted an Xbox 360. She has been playing Minecraft, and I didn’t want to spend hundreds on it, so we got one for $40 with a bunch of games through Close 5.”

Close 5 is not just for clothes and electronics, it’s for everything — household items, furniture, plants, jewelry, and vintage items.

“Everything you could need for a baby, clothes, cribs, strollers…,” Jill said.



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