Video: Peninsula bicyclists say they are being targeted


REDWOOD CITY (KRON) — Bicyclists in the Peninsula said they are being targeted and their own safety is in jeopardy.

Someone is putting out tacks on a popular hillside road, trying to take out tires.

Those who work at Chain Reaction Bicycles said their customers can’t stop talking about the problems on Kings Mountain Road in nearby Woodside. Not only are carpet tacks on the road, but most recently, there are thumbtacks.

In some cases, they are thrown out near the side of the road. In other cases, they are strategically placed to pop bike tires.

“It’s a booby trap…the tacks have been laid out in cracks point side up so they are essentially a spike strip,” cyclist Walter Cook said.

Cook is a cyclist in the area, who has actually raised reward money for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person now being dubbed the Kings Mountain Road Tack Vandal.

“It’s not much fun thinking that someone is out there deliberately trying to flatten bicycle tires possibly injure us,” Cook said.

Mike Jacoubowsky runs Chain Reaction Bicycles. Not only has he seen the tacks, but his customers have as well. It was one of those customers that spotted thumbtacks last weekend.

Fear of what could happen is building among riders.

Small nails have also been placed along the road. One woman said six of her car tires have recently gone flat.

No arrests have been made.

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