Video: San Jose police still searching for answers in wake of deadly street race



SAN JOSE (KRON) — San Jose police are still searching for answers in the wake of a deadly street race that left three young people dead.

The lone survivor of the crash is still in the hospital, and police still have not found the other car involved in the race. San Jose’s mayor said the solution to a culture of street racing starts with keeping kids from dropping out of school.

While the deadly street race that claimed three lives continues to draw mourners to the scene of the crash on East Santa Clara Street, the tragedy has also caught the attention of city hall.

A culture of street racing is getting the blame but some of those who knew the victims said the racing is what happens to kids when they lose interest or drop out of school. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said he agrees.

He said he has been to too many funerals and said kids need alternatives.

The mayor insists the solution is not as simple as putting more cops street. He said the tragedy calls to mind the importance of pushing funding for more summer jobs for young people and tech hiring initiatives designed to keep kids in school. And Liccardo said they need to be kept busy and away from risky behavior like street racing.

The father of one of the crash victims agrees with the mayor.

Joe Ramos said his son fell in with the wrong crowd after he dropped out of school and had been in trouble with stolen cars and street racing since he was 12 years old.

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