Three suspects charged with murdering Marin County hiker, San Francisco tourist spent time in Haight-Ashbury District


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The three suspects charged with murdering a hiker on a trail in Fairfax and a Canadian woman in Golden Gate Park remain in the Marin County Jail Thursday night.

We still do not know how much time they spent in the Bay Area prior to the murders, but some of their time was spent in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District.

Some people told KRON they crossed paths with the suspects prior to the murders. As the three suspects charged with murdering a hiker outside Fairfax and a backpacker in Golden Gate Park await their next court appearance, those who crossed their paths prior to the killings are still trying to make sense of it all.

After their arrest, Steve Posin realized he sat next to Morrison, Lampley, and Lila Alligood while walking his dog Maggie in Golden Gate Park.

“They said, ‘Hello, nice dog,’ just a few words like, that nothing else,” Posin said. “‘Can we pet your dog,?’ and they did. Pleasant, and they walked away. The girl had frizzy hair and a funny hat, and a pleasant looking face. Who knew they were would-be murderers. Had I been walking on a trail in the park, maybe i would have been murdered.”

It is unclear just how much time the three spent in San Francisco, but they were familiar faces to people in the Haight.

One woman said she knew the third suspect, Sean Angold

“I would always vouch for him and say he was a cool guy, then he goes and does this….” Sierra Weber said.

But Weber said the last few times she saw Angold, he was consumed by drugs.

“I wouldn’t be surprised he did something like that. He completely lost his mind, so you know it happens when you…do meth all the time.”

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