End of an Era: SFO plays host to last ever U.S. Airways Flight


SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (BCN) — The last ever U.S. Airways flight will depart from San Francisco International Airport tonight, according to an airport spokesman.

Flight 1939 will leave SFO at 9:55 p.m. for a return trip to Philadelphia, where it departed earlier today on the first leg of a journey that took the plane to Charlotte and Phoenix, SFO spokesman Doug Yakel said.

The flight is named for the year U.S. Airways’ predecessor-company All American Aviation began operating, which was 1939, Yakel said.

The Airbus A321 will leave with 187 people on board and have a champagne toast at cruising altitude “to celebrate and honor the legacy of U.S. Airways,” American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein said.

Yakel and Feinstein said a lot of people wanted to be on board for the sold out historic flight.

The plane will leave from Terminal 1, Gate 45, where passengers will be able to celebrate before the flight with food and prizes, Yakel and Feinstein said.

The non-stop, red-eye flight arrives in Philadelphia at 6:18 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

U.S. Airways and American Airlines merged two years ago, Feinstein said.



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