Suspicious person seen on Novato High School, person of interest arrested



UPDATE: A person of interest has been arrested.

He has been identified as Stefan Auzans. Police also found a fake gun in his possession.

Auzans matched the description given by six teenage girls about the incidents. Police said some of those girls were able to positively identify Auzans as the suspect.

He has been charged with annoying or molesting a minor, although none of the girls reported any physical contact with the suspect.

NOVATO (KRON) —  Two separate reports have been received by the Novato Police Department regarding a suspicious person seen on and near the campus of Novato High School over the past three weeks.

The suspicious person approached several female students and attempted to initiate conversations with them. The first incident occurred on Wednesday September 23, 2015 in the morning while the student was on her way to school.

The second reported incident occurred on Wednesday October 14, 2015, in the evening after a team practice on the Novato High School campus. So far it appears all incidents have occurred after regular school hours where there is a reduced number of staff and students on campus.

The same suspicious person was reported to be on the Novato High School campus on two other occasions including October 7th and October 10th. During those incidents the suspicious person did not approach any students.

The suspicious person is described as a white male adult in his late teens or early 20s and has an unkempt appearance. The person has been seen on a BMX style bicycle and may have facial hair consistent with his unkempt appearance.

Novato Police Department and the Novato Unified School District are working in partnership to identify the suspicious person involved as well as reducing the risk of similar incidents occurring. This is an active ongoing investigation and all leads are being followed up with.

We are seeking the public’s participation in identifying the suspicious person involved as well as seeking information on other occurrences that may not have been reported to the police.

We want to encourage vigilance and ask anyone who sees a suspicious person loitering on or near any of the school campuses to report it to the police department. As a reminder for students, increasing safety by walking with friends and not engaging in conversation with strangers is important for reducing risk.

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