Video: Florida dad delivers daughter with 911 help

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Baby Miyah did not want to wait to be born in a hospital. “I went into labor in the car, and we went to grandma’s house, and he called the ambulance, and I had a baby on the couch,” said Christina Mineo, the baby’s mother.

With her aunt supplying ice chips, her grandma pacing the floor and her uncle outside, Mineo’s husband Andrew called 911.

Here’s part of the 911 call:

Andrew: “There’s something …”

Dispatcher: “What’s going on, sir?”

Andrew: “Her water just broke.”

Dispatcher: “Her water just broke, okay. Okay.”

On Wednesday Hernando County 911 operator Kristy Faulkingham talked with News Channel 8. “All of the sudden he says, ‘Her water just broke.” Which, that’s a huge deal,” Faulkingham said. She sent paramedics and told the dad what to do until help arrived.

“Put my hand down on her head when she was coming out and to support her as she came out. She did all the work. I just (caught) it,” Andrew Mineo said.

With the 911 operator staying calm, Andrew Mineo did what he was told. “He listened to everything I said. ‘Yes mam, yes mam, yes mam.’ So it made my job easier,” Faulkingham explained.

“Part of military, you gotta follow directions to a T,” Andrew Mineo explained.

“I dropped the phone when she came out and I picked it up after she was in my arms and I said, ‘She’s here,’” he said.

“Hearing it is awesome but hearing a dad do it himself is just phenomenal,” Faulkingham said.

Miyah was supposed to be born near Orlando. That didn’t happen. “She just decided she was coming right then, not waiting at all,” Christina Mineo said.

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