New regulations require all drones to be registered

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The federal government will require many drone aircraft to be registered, a move prompted by the growing number of reported close calls and incidents that pose safety risks, officials announced Monday.

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation is expected to release registration regulations for drone owners on Monday.

They are also announcing the formation of a new task force who is creating the registration policy.

The registration policy will require anyone who buys a drone to register with the department.

The policy is in response to a number of high-profile security incident involving drones, including drones landing near the property of the White House.

Pilot sightings of drones have doubled since last year, including sightings near manned aircraft and major sporting events, and interference with wildfire-fighting operations, the government said.

“These reports signal a troubling trend,” Federal Aviation Administration chief Michel Huerta said at a news conference to announce the step. Registration will increase pressure on drone operators to fly responsibly, he said, adding, “when they don’t fly safely, they’ll know there will be consequences.”

Right now, only commercial drones are required to register their drones with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Associated Press contributed to this article

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