Video: Novato residents upset about proposed sports complex


NOVATO (KRON) — Residents of an East Novato community are upset about a proposed sports complex on Hamilton Field.

The developer said the complex is for the kids, but many residents in the area said it is a bad plan and will make life miserable. A community meeting was underway Monday night.

Bel Marin Keys residents were giving Novato Planning Director Bob Brown an earful on Monday night. The plan to develop a large, baseball complex less than a mile away had resident fuming at the idea.

“This is where they want to put the future baseball training, and that is a two-story building, 55,000 square feet, big structure on top of a capped, toxic army landfill, which you are not supposed to do,” resident Maureen O’Neil said.

That is just one of the concerns. Traffic, noise and litter are just a few other reasons neighbors oppose the project.

“People are mad, and they think the city is doing stuff behind their back and having these conversations with developers and that things are moving along,” O’Neil said.

The developer said he has heard the concerns and believes that changes in the project will address the concerns of residents.

“The big concerns are traffic, lighting and parking,” developer Mike Shapiro said. “I think all of those concerns are going to be addressed in the new site plan, and the issues about wetlands and wildlife will all be addressed in the environmental impact report. None of which have been released yet.”

Many of those studies and reports won’t be complete for another six months or so.

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